domingo, 9 de octubre de 2016

"La Résistance"

(English version)

I feel dirty dressed like this, but at the same time powerful when I see them saluting me. They don’t know who I am and I pray for them not to find it out. At least, not before I achieve my goal. I need to control my breathing, as it could alert them of what I’m about to do. My qualities as a sniper will help with it. A misstep could ruin everything and, I would not forgive me that in life. I can’t let my beloved France down, neither can I fail the world, since from my mission depends that our allies open gap through Normandy, starting to win this damn war. And from my success also depends that the feeling of revenge that is inside me ends. The Geologist suffering, the remorse of not having being able to fence my husband properly with my precision rifle, falling victim of the Nazi “Parabellum”. The torture and sacrifice of my brother, or the death of my girls…
I have already crossed half way of the platform and they have not halted me yet. The disturbance made by Jeanne is working because nobody pays me attention now.
My heart is pumping more and more, since I’ve came into the fog and I know what is waiting for me as soon as I cross it. Yes, it’s there, I go for it!

The cigarette fell from the coronel lips when a couple of cushioned shots lodge in his chest, while a French shade disguised of Luftwaffe was disappearing at the end of the tunnel. The body of Hendrich lying on the floor was diming between spasms and gasps, but for when he could be found it would be too late.
Louise had accomplished the mission and Day “D” was now possible thanks to the determination of La Résistance, and also thanks to many people who gave their lives in order to achieve it, in which ranks were those makeshift women of the shadows. History will do the rest and Normandy will write with gold and blood Characters, a word … Liberté!

Pepe Gallego

(Translated by Ariadna B. Alonso)

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