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–It destroyed me. All my innocence devastated by the one we were obliged to call father. All my childhood intimidated under the yoke oppression of a performed divine word, which was turning into a sin everything which could the question even minimally his crooked morality. But nevermore…
When I reached the age and had enough value to flee, I dragged my aching soul and punished body through the streets, leaving on my own and only this volume in my hands. I have learnt a lot since it happened and I could say I have received the knowledge it contains. I am pretty sure he is not going to share my point of view. Any of those ones who bumped into my life, those who had the Devil’s mark in their eyes, and all of them ended up receiving the odd doctrine I am carrying on my shoulders.

Now I am ready to visit the place which was my home and my prison as well. It´s now when I can say a prayer:
I beg your pardon , my Lord because I know what I am doing.

Úrsula got to the place with such cold eyes and that hateful look. Even the blunt gadget she used to give her particular salvation was coated by that hate. As she was approaching firmly to that figure in front of the altarpiece, the whispering from the sceptical people kept increasing. When the priest raised his eyes and saw, an awful feeling flooded his eyes.
–Hello father, can you remember me? –His hands weren't able to hold the holy chalice and it fell pouring The Christ’s blood on the communion table. 
–I am sure you do, I am here to expiate your sins –she points out to her Bible before sentencing:
–You will know the truth, and the truth will make you free –and squeezing the baseball bat she had until it rustled, she added– because you are going to die today...

Pepe Gallego

(Translated by Cristina Figueras)

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